Gretchen Grant

web design and development

About Gretchen Grant


I like to say I was "saved by the Web." After completing my M.A. in History in 2000, I knew I didn't want to go on for my Ph.D. Luckily, my job at the time provided me with the opportunity to learn HTML and CSS, and the content to create web experiences that provided continuity with our print materials and extend them with the Web's flexibility. More than a decade later, I still describe what I do as "magic" – from where I sit, it's just lines and lines of text interrupted with brackets and slashes, but open up a browser and voila! It's a web page. I'm a puzzle solver – tracking down why this style isn't getting expressed, figuring out why the javascript isn't behaving...


My work history is available on my LinkedIn profile, or via my Dice profile.

Or download my Word-formatted resume.